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I'm a 17-year-old artist from San Diego. I am currently a Senior at Chula Vista High School, and I am a member of my school's SCPA (School of Creative and Performing Arts). I take pride in my wide range of artistic endeavors; from my dexterity in illustration to my aptitude at photography, and even my attempts at painting, I consider myself a well-rounded creator. I took up a photography course to expand my artistic abilities and apply what I have learned about studio art to a new hobby. My unique blend of creative qualities allows me to create thoughtful and captivating compositions.

I have now been practicing photography for two years and in that time, what was once simply a pastime is now a central part of my development as an artist. Through intentional practice and experimentation, I have learned a lot about the fundamentals of photography, as well as other elements and techniques such as composition, depth of field, color theory, motion, lighting, and aesthetics. Although I gravitate towards portraiture, I have explored many different types of photography, and as a result, produced a body of work that presents versatility and variety. 


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